Wedding traditions in Latin America

Latin wedding traditions

Wedding traditions in Latin America

In Venezuela, families exchange gold coins, in Brazil, the groom has to tame a donkey, in Bolivia the couple first lives together and then marries …

The wedding is a special moment in the lives of most women and in every country, in the world, there are special rituals and customs that surround this important day. Today at Bellezas Latinas we present you with some wedding traditions from Latin American countries.

1 Venezuela

In Venezuela, it is customary for the groom to ask the bride’s father for permission to request her in marriage. The tradition is the realization of a civil wedding, small and rather intimate and another more important one by the church. The religious ceremony is the one that makes the marriage official. While the wedding is taking place, the bride and groom’s families exchange 13 gold coins, which symbolizes prosperity.

2 Mexico

Wedding traditions Mexico

It is customary that before the wedding couple dances the waltz, all the guests surround them forming the figure of a heart.

3 chili

Wedding traditions in Chile, there is no engagement ring, but when couples get engaged they already exchange the wedding band. At the altar during the ceremony, the bride and groom are accompanied by their respective parents. After the ceremony, a typical customer, the couple may be taken to the place of the party on horses or a vintage carriage. The typical Chilean wine cannot be missing for babies at a wedding party.

4 Uruguay

In Uruguay, the official and valid ceremony is the civil one, so all couples who wish to make their union official must do so before a judge either at the Civil Registry or by hiring one who goes somewhere to marry them. After the civil, either on the same day or later, some couples also wish to unite before God and then celebrate a religious ceremony in the Church. After it, they usually offer a party for the guests where the couple dances the waltz, the bride gives garters to her single friends and throws the bouquet together to see who is the next to get married.

5 Argentina

It is customary for couples to get engaged in Argentina to exchange rings that are worn on the right hand while they are engaged and change them to the right once married. Argentine weddings have many European influences on rituals; for example, the father escorts the bride to the altar or place where the ceremony will be held and the parents of both members of the couples accompany them to the altar while the wedding lasts. The bridesmaids are common in the North American tradition are not used.

6 Brazil

wedding traditions Brazil

In Brazil, it is customary for the bride to arrive at the wedding venue later than the appointed time and always after the groom. Groomsmen, contrary to what is customary in many other countries, are chosen at the time of the wedding. In some parts of Brazil, the groom often has to tame a donkey (Bumba-meu-boi,) to show that he is a good man to take care of his wife.

7 Bolivia

Wedding traditions in Bolivia, couples get together before getting married and live for a time (3 years) and start having children. Then they marry in civil law and later in church, which is followed by 3 days of festivities. The parents of the bride and groom sign groomsmen for their children who are responsible for assisting in the planning of the wedding and also providing support during the marriage.


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