Detailed information on teeth health and dental hygiene

Detailed information on teeth health and dental hygiene

Regular brushing of the teeth and flossing between the teeth help keep them healthy by getting rid of excess sugars and food particles that form plaque. Just like there are certain food good for heart patients and cholesterol high patients, there are also certain food that may be good for the teeth. Did you know about this? If you didn’t, it is never too late to learn about it. Just like for heart health, for teeth health, you must focus on the food that you consume. The foods that you consume will help you strengthen the health of your teeth. So, what are the foods that you must consume? Let’s find out the foods below. But, you can contact Murray Hill Dentist Office to learn more about the foods and to get detailed information on dental hygiene. However, here are some of the foods for healthier teeth.

Best foods for healthier teeth

You would have heard the saying “you are what you eat,” and there are no counter-arguments about it. It suits when you are dealing with teeth health too. For example, if you consume too much sweet, you are going to deal with issues like tooth decay. You must ensure to give importance to your oral health. Hence, here are some of the best foods for healthy teeth:

  • Yogurt: If you are wondering how yogurt can be beneficial, it is because yogurt contains high protein and calcium. These two are important components for your teeth health. Cavities can be reduced if you consume healthy food like yogurt. Plus, you must ensure to pick yogurts with no added sugar.
  • Leafy greens: this is an obvious thing because you would have heard your grandparents say about the importance of leafy greens. Leafy greens contain vitamins, minerals, and fewer calories. Thus, you’ll be providing all the good things for your body. You can add leafy greens like spinach and kale as they are very healthy. Also, these leafy greens help to build teeth enamel.
  • Apples: although certain fruits are to be avoided, apples don’t belong to that list. Apples contain water and high fiber so there is no reason why you must avoid them. If you consume apples, you will be able to strengthen your gum.

Start by adding these foods so that you will witness changes, once you do, keep adding more.

Reasons why teeth become yellow or brown

If you have focused on the best foods to consume, it is also important to consider the reasons why your teeth become yellow. Knowing these reasons will help you prevent your teeth from getting discolored. Some people witness yellow teeth whereas some others witness brown. However, the reasons for developing such colors are the same. The stains deposited on your white teeth is what you see as yellow or brown. There are different reasons for the disposition of these colors, but the most common reasons are unhealthy food intake and unhealthy habits. If you visit the Murray Hill Dentist Office, you will be able to gather details because you can easily find a good dentist. No matter what you read, only if you get the advice from a good dentist, you can rely on those. An experienced dentist can easily help you gather essential information that is required for good teeth health.

Of course, when you grow old, you will lose the shine and beauty of your teeth and that, you cannot control. But, it doesn’t mean you have to be careless. You must make sure to do the essential things to keep your teeth healthy. So, here are some of the reasons that you must know, but we have included a few things to follow to keep your teeth healthy and in good condition:

  • You must avoid drinking tea or coffee. But, for some people, it is tough to avoid tea or coffee. So, for such people, it is important to reduce consumption or to rinse the mouth right after consuming tea or coffee.
  • Another reason that kills the color of your teeth is cigarettes. If you are a smoker, you can easily compare your teeth color with a non-smoker’s teeth color, and you’ll find the difference pretty easily. Hence, you must stop smoking not only to keep your teeth healthy but also to lead a healthy life.
  • Your tooth enamel will become thinner and thinner when you grow old, and it’s something that you cannot control. Healthy food intake like the foods that we have mentioned above will help you to some extent.
  • If you lack saliva, you will have issues with enamel protection. This will lead to dry mouth issues, so it directly influences the health of your mouth. For this, again, you must be considerate about your food consumption.
  • Some kids tend to develop bad habits such as intake of fluoride, when this habit continues it impacts the teeth health. Hence, you must avoid this as much as possible.
  • Improper diet has a significant issue on this. For example, if you are consuming processed foods, it will impact your teeth health as well as overall health. Mostly, soft drinks, candies, and some fruits create issues to your teeth health. Certain supplements have problems and threats too, so make sure to consult a dentist, at least by visiting the Murray Hill Dentist Office. They provide necessary guidance when you are in need. So, you can rely on them!
  • Another reason is a nasal blockage, and this is an extreme situation because you would be breathing through the mouth and it will lead to loss of saliva. Even moisturizing becomes difficult. Thus, you must get treatment as soon as possible.

These are some of the reasons why people get yellow or brown teeth. But, we hope our tips will help you reduce these issues. However, just like your overall health, for teeth health, you must take the necessary steps to keep them healthy. And, if you create a positive change, at least, one good habit will lead to better health. If you start focusing on your health today, you don’t have to worry tomorrow!

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