Beginners checklist and guide on how to start hunting

Beginners checklist and guide on how to start hunting

If you are a newbie when it comes to hunting, at Native Compass, you will be able to learn everything that you need to know as regards hunting. If you have never been a hunter and nobody in your family has ever encouraged you to, then you might be at a loss as to where to start from.

Before you start wondering about what gear you need to have in order to go hunting, plus the other accessories that you need, take a look at what you should have to get started.

How to get started

  • Decide on the type of hunting that you want to do: There are various types of hunting which you can readily do. You can decide to do birds hunting, large game, or small game. Or you could decide that crossbow hunting or rifle hunting is your thing. You will need to know what each of them entails to finally make up your decision. You have to be aware of the hunting sport that you want to engage in. You can decide to talk to some few people and within no time, you will know what will definitely interest you.
  • Have your hunter safety card: In most states you will need to have a hunter safety card to start practicing hunting. In order for you to get the card, you will need to go for a hunter education course that is certified. The card is proof that you have been able to complete the course successfully. Once you have it in your hands, it becomes valid to all states that require you to have one. You can do the course online at your own speed and they are affordable.
  • Talk to people as well as doing your own research: To get more knowledge in regard to hunting, you will need to talk to people. They will be able to tell you about the best spots, the best gear and the best time of the year to do the hunting. You could even get invited to some educative trips with the more experienced hunters, which will make it possible for you to learn.

At Native Compass, you will learn from the reviews that, there are a lot of people out there who are willing to help newcomers in the field and thus, ask around. Get online and gain some basic knowledge and you can also be able to access some hunters forums along the way.

  • Gear up: There are several things that you be adding to your hunting gear with time. And within no time, you will find it packed. But at the beginning, ensure that you have all the hunting essentials before you go for your first hunt. When you have the right equipment, it makes it possible to feel comfortable when you are out in the field and you will eventually know that, having a checklist to be always ready is the best you can do for yourself.
  • Practice makes something perfect: There is no way you will go on your first hunting trip and be the best deer hunter. You will need to be patient and give yourself time to look for the animal’s traits before you hunt for it and you have to take time to understand how to use the equipment and your hunting area. You can try out various terrains and areas to be able to give you various feels, as every hunter is unique in their own way.
  • Give yourself time: You should never be disheartened if when you go out on your first hunt, things turn out to be very bad. You should be ashamed for messing or missing a target. Most of the best hunters you will find on forums like Native Compass will tell you that, not all the time do they get the results that they expect. There are at times when things don’t just work the way you want them to, and being human, be ready to make mistakes and give yourself time.

Various types of hunting

When it comes to hunting game, there are various categories which you should be aware of. Species are normally split into the following categories to make the hunting regulations to be easier. Here are some of the main categories with their examples:

  • Big game: Elk, deer, bison, boar bear
  • Small game: squirrel rabbit, skunk, raccoon
  • Furbearers: fox, beaver, bobcat, pine marten
  • Predators: Wolf, mountain lion, coyote
  • Game birds: dove, pheasant, grouse
  • Waterfowl: Duck, swan, geese

If the list can help you in deciding which type of animal you will be able to hunt, you can go and do some serious research on it and how it can be hunted successfully. If you decide to choose like an elk, you can go to sites like Native Compass and check out topics on how to hunt elks for beginners in order to get started.

Rifle hunting

When you are a beginner rifle hunting might be easier than going for bow hunting. It is easier to grip the rifle and hunt your preferred animal as compared to doing it with a bow. You will not have to take too much with you when you go out hunting with a rifle and thus, only the hunter’s essentials are what you will need to carry.


It will be able to allow you as a beginner to get personal and close with nature around you. You will also get in touch with the sport’s primal essence. Accuracy and aim are more important when it comes to bow hunting than when using a rifle due to the fact that, you will use less power. When it comes to the hunting list when doing it with a bow, you will find that you will need to carry a lot with you on your trip.

Hunting time that is best for beginners

As a beginner the best hunting time will all depend on the type of animal which you will be hunting. Animals will plenty at different times of the year or less depending on the type.

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