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#MyHungerGames - How does economic inequality manifest in all of our lives? Share your stories, your experience, and see how the catharsis of telling your truth can reach out and affect change. Race, gender, sexual orientation, bodily status, familial origin — all of these are crucial intersections present in the contemporary experience of class and economic equality, and #MyHungerGames is your chance to share your stories of it all. Follow the hashtag on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook and see our collection of stories on Storify.

Movie Night Action

Help others put the Odds in Our Favor when you to see Mockingjay Pt 2. Here's some ideas for action:
  • Hand out tickets to the Hunger Games theme park, inviting others to "experience breathtaking inequality and spine-tingling injustice". Download the tickets here!
  • Bring markers and paper or a whiteboard and encourage fellow moviegoers to tell their #MyHungerGames story.
  • Invite people in line and in the theater to have their photo taken doing the 3-finger salute.
Remember, we're taking back The Hunger Games narrative and helping put the odds in everyone's favor. Share your #MyHungerGames stories and actions with us on Twitter and at MyHungerGames.org.


Primary Actions

  • Submit your story about real life economic inequality and how you are fighting back on Tumblr or Twitter using #MyHungerGames
  • Take three-finger salute selfies at Mockingjay Part 2 and post them using #MyHungerGames
  • Prison Reform: Help raise awareness about the need for prison reform by declaring October as Youth Justice Awareness Month (#YJAM) on your social media. Encourage friends, family, and organizations you’re a part of to do the same.
  • Mental Health: Research free and low-cost options for mental health care in your community. Report your findings to Project UROK (info@projecturok.org) to help build a map of low-cost options.
  • Racial Justice: Watch and share these videos from the Pine Ridge Reservation and Ferguson. Think about ways that youth are leading the movement for racial justice and what racial justice looks like in your community.
  • Climate Change: Sign up to receive updates about joining the Global Climate March on November 29th and find local events here.

Level Up Actions (Prison Reform):

  • Watch Fusion’s documentary Prison Kids and sign the petition to end solitary confinement for minors. Share the petition using #PrisonKids.
  • Ask others in your communities to also declare October as Youth Justice Awareness Month - libraries, schools, churches, local government, etc. If you’ve never done this before, check out the YJAM planning guide for ideas.
  • You can write your members of Congress to support the JJDPA (Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act). Lots of info, including the actions can be seen here: http://sparkaction.org/jjdpamatters
  • You can host a film screening. For a complete guide and links to a couple of short films, please visit the YJAM website.
  • Show your Hands of Support. Take a photo of your hand with #YJAM or some other short message of support for youth justice, and share it on social media with the #YJAM hashtag. Tag us in your photos @JusticeForYouth.

Level Up Actions (Mental Health):

  • Publicize the options for free or low-cost mental health care options in your local community by handing out pamphlets, sharing them online, throwing an event, etc.
  • Host a self care night for you and a friend, or an event for your community! Get inspired about how to use fandom for self-care.
  • Write a letter to your lawmakers at the local, state/province, or national level about the importance of supporting and funding free and low cost mental health care options. Not sure how to write the letter? Check out this article for how to get started or Amnesty International’s comprehensive letter writing guide.

Level Up Actions (Racial Justice):

Level Up Actions (Climate Change):

  • Read and share this comic on the relationship between Syria and Climate Change. If you’re in a country that is currently bringing in refugees, connect with a refugee center to donate needed supplies and write cards welcoming refugees to your country.
  • If you’re in the U.S., visit americawelcomes.us to add your “Welcome” photo to the wall and encourage the U.S. government to accept more refugees.
  • Create a “Do One Thing” mural to help your community envision the changes they can make to reduce their climate footprint. Visit Alliance for Climate Education to learn how to create this easy paper mural and other awesome projects.
  • Research the major causes of climate change and educate your community through tabling, posters, and social media. Help people understand the difference between individual changes (like driving less) and systemic changes (like how we produce energy and food).
  • Host a local foods dinner for your chapter and discuss the relationship between eating local products, economics and climate change.
  • Invite family and friends to commit to the fight for 100% Clean Energy at 100.org.
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