Odds In Our Favor: Taking Back the Narrative

Economic inequality knows no boundaries — it is pervasive and persistent, and it affects every city, region, and country across the world. The gap between the wealthy and the poor grows wider every day. The ladder of opportunity is nearly gone. The middle class shrinks and more people find themselves short of what they need to get by. These are our Hunger Games.

Around the world, people are pushing back and fighting for policies that create a more equitable world. These rebels are sharing stories about economic injustice, prison reform, climate change, health care, and discrimination. They’re fighting racism, organizing labor unions, calling for greater mental health care resources, working for clean energy, and more. They - you - are refusing to be silent. These acts of rebellion, these are our Hunger Games, too.

The Hunger Games is a blockbuster of massive proportions, but we have the chance to use that largeness as a space in which we can fill our own stories. The daily realities, the struggles and the triumphs big and small, that’s what we’re interested in: How does income inequality manifest in all of our lives? What are we doing to rebel against systems of inequality? It’s time to shine a light on those stories. Share your stories, your experience, and see how the catharsis of telling your truth can reach out and affect change. Race, gender, sexual orientation, bodily status, familial origin — all of these are crucial intersections present in the experience of class and economic equality in America, and #MyHungerGames is your chance to share your stories of it all.

The #MyHungerGames hashtag aims to open up the pervasive personal narratives of the daily realities of income inequality in much the same way that the great #YesAllWomen did with the daily realities of misogyny. It’s also an opportunity to highlight the work being done to change that reality. There’s a reason the Hunger Games series has resonated so deeply with audiences, and it’s not just because of the charms of its stars: There is a lot within the narrative of the Hunger Games that reminds us of our own stories, even if it’s dressed up as a dystopian fiction.

Let’s take back the narrative.

Join the resistance. The internet is our sphere of power and influence. Let’s use it. Share your Hunger Games stories and tag your posts with #MyHungerGames. Use your three-finger salute as a sign of protest in the face of economic inequality. Join District 13. Rebel against inequality and take action.

When we shift the narrative, we can shift the culture.

Rebel Partners

Last year, you told you #MyHungerGames stories - stories about real life economic inequality. You helped take back the Hunger Games narrative, and people everywhere are recognizing that the Hunger Games are real.

This year, the Hunger Games franchise ends, but the fight for economic justice continues. Join the revolution and continue the fight by taking action with some of our Rebel Partners.


The Message Catches Fire


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