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The Hunger Games are real

Odds In Our Favor: The Resistance Is Catching Fire

Economic inequality knows no boundaries — it is pervasive and persistent, and it affects every city, region, and country across the world. The gap between the wealthy and the poor grows wider every day, while the middle class shrinks and more people find themselves short of what they need to get by.

Who controls the narrative? The rich and powerful tell us that if we put our heads down and work hard, we can overcome the odds and join the ranks of the victors — the wealthy and privileged few. However, it’s increasingly clear that the game is rigged, and that we have an important role to play: At best, we are the loyal consumers. At worst, we are the ones who slip through the cracks.

And that’s why we’re taking back the narrative. The Hunger Games explores numerous themes that are relevant to the imbalances that exist in our world. And yet, the marketing and media coverage of the movie series seems tone deaf and illiterate. Instead of highlighting social and economic injustice, Catching Fire was used as an opportunity to glamorize the high-end fashion of the Capitol and sell makeup and fast-food sandwiches.

We have had enough.

Join the resistance. In the realm of social media, we are both the journalists and the subjects. This is our sphere of power and influence. Use your three-finger salute as a sign of protest in the face of economic inequality. Wherever you see Hunger Games Policies, label them and circulate them. Participate in our We Are The Districts project: our ongoing documentation of real people taking a stand against economic inequality. Add your voice to our calls to action.

When we shift the narrative, we can shift the culture.

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